Hello 2018 & 5 Couple Goals For The New Year

Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look

Another year has come and gone and now its 2018.  My favorite thing about a new year is that it means a fresh start, new goals to check off the list, new cities to travel too and many more memories to create with my loved ones.  I am excited to also have Style The Hubby on the blog today to launch my very first post of 2018; I promise you will see a lot more of him this year…even if he disagrees.

So without further ado here are our goals for 2018.


  1. More time just the two of us.  For first year and a half it was difficult to have “us” time, but we told ourselves no more excuses and that once a week we will just do us.  From a movie night, to a simple dinner, to going out with friends or doing staycations in the city..we will do us.
  2. Be present. This one is really hard for me sometimes since my job deals with being on my phone A LOT.  I really try my best to minimize my time using it with Sofia, and maximizing it when she is sleeping or engaged in an activity to respond to emails, maintain engaged with you all on all my social media platforms and making sure I am keeping my items and thoughts in my notes for upcoming projects.  One of the hardest moments this year was Diego telling me how he feels whenever he is home I am on my phone to much.  It was so hard for me to hear that because I knew he was right.  When he gets home I feel like its my break to do my job, since I don’t have a 9-5 where I can focus on it completely.  Being a blogger is a 24/7 job, but I told myself to be more present and if I really need to do something to make him aware and ask him if its ok to if I take those moments to myself to get something done.  In turn, he has promised me that at night when Sofia goes to sleep, that he will also be more engaged because he then turns to social media and ESPN to relax him after the long day.  Oh the struggle right? lol
  3. Be Active.  If you have seen on social media I joined Orange Theory a few months ago and I love it.  Diego has always been into working out, but I hate gyms so this was the perfect fit for me.  We also said that we will start doing workouts together, like we did before I was pregnant, and incorporate Sofia because we know she would love it.
  4. Better scheduling.  This coincides with a few of our goals, but scheduling ourselves better to not over do it is huge.  I know I am the biggest culprit because I have a huge FOMO issue, but we know if we set aside certain days or hours within our days to get tasks done, then we will all benefit in the long run.  Plus it helps me because Diego loves to say he will do something and then ends up not doing it, aka my huge pet peeve. 😉
  5. Traveling.  As you might know Diego and I are big advocates of traveling and this year we have a lot more places that we want to visit.  One being a vacation of just the two of us that reflects the #1 goal we have above.  We haven’t taken a trip just us for over two years, so it a definite must.

Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic LookStyle The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look

As part of our fitness goals this year, we made sure to stop by Nordstrom to get all of our athletic gear.  Nordstrom always has the best selection of clothing in general and I absolutely love all the athletic pieces they have been sharing lately.  It always gets me really excited to start a workout when I have a cute outfit on.

Nike is one of our favorite brands, so we made sure to grab the best pieces for the cooler temps that are hitting Houston.  My favorite pair of leggings EVER are these high waisted ones HERE that are only $55.  I have had them for over a year and highly recommend because they are so comfy and as a mom I love anything high waisted.  I loved pairing it with this cut off top and this super cute sports bra that has more coverage.

As for Diego I got him these fleece joggers that are looser in the thighs and tighter in the calf area.  He normally wears looser clothing, but I absolutely love the way these fit him so the same day I saw them on him I ordered the grey pair too. 😉  Pairing it with this lightweight top was the perfect combo and totally his style.

Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look Style The Girl 2018 Couple Goals and Athletic Look

This post was sponsored by Nordstrom + RewardStyle.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Photos by Banavenue

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  1. You two are too cute! I love Nordstrom’s athletic gear…their Zella brand is seriously fantastic, love the high-waisted leggings. And they carry all my other favorite gear brands too. Who doesn’t love easy shopping?

  2. It’s a goal for my husband and I to also be more present and have less phone to face when we’re together! Also, I’m loving your workout gear!

    xo, Sara

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