Milestones of 2017 & Leopard Beanie Look

Style The Girl Leopard Beanie

Happy Friday everyone!!! I seriously can not believe that the last day of the year is this Sunday; where did the time go?  This year has been one for the books…from family, to work and more, I can’t thank you all enough for being on this journey with me and helping make my dreams come true.

So aside from talking about this winter look, I wanted to share my top moments from 2017.


  • NYFW- Heading to NYFW for my 2nd year in a row.  Even though it was a little bit more hectic this time around because Sofia was with me, but I enjoyed every minute of the madness.  I was able to visit of ton of companies that I worked with over the year, got to see a show and most importantly got to spend time with my sister and sofia and run around NYC.  Who doesn’t love that. <3
  • Growing STG- This year has been amazing for my brand and it has grown immensely.  From working with more top brands, huge paid collaborations and all of you that follow me I couldn’t be more thankful.  I have a lot of ideas and plans for STG and extending the “Style The ….” hashtag, so get ready for it.
  • STG Youtube- To add on from the above, this one is what I am very excited about for the new year.  Building my Youtube has always been a thought and I never really knew when was the right time.  I kept it mainly to all our travel videos but wanted to expand it like crazy.  So this January be prepared for the official launch of Style The is going to be awesome!!
  • Paid Collaborations- This year was my biggest yet.  As a blogger you never know where, when and how much you will get paid each month because it is so up in the air.  I was able to grow 10x more than I did last year and that is mind blowing to me.  From that and to making so much more than I did when I worked is the best thing I could have ever dreamed.  I knew I wanted to make this a business but it is even better when your ideas come to fruition and I can for sure say I will never go back to work for someone.
  • Building my IG- Over the last year I grew my following by almost 6x where it was last year, and that is thanks to all of you.  Even with the algorithm and it being super stressful and painful at times, I appreciate all of you that have been with you since day one or just joined, and are engaged and love the content that I share with you.  Each of you allow me to do a job and share my life when I never thought it was possible.  Thank you.
  • Charming Charlie- I was so lucky to be chosen to be a part of Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant campaign with Ty Hunter and get to shoot and model for their whole collection.  It was very surreal to see my face on billboards, the website and having a dress named after me.  Seriously the coolest thing ever!!


  • Sofia- My little love has grown so much over the last year.  Since turning 1 on March 3rd Sofia has blown our minds.  From how fast she learns things, her funny facial expressions, how fast thins girl can run or should I say outrun anyone or anything or how she can go from being a crazy person to the sweetest (first their sour and then their sweet) 😉 Yes, just like a sour patch kid. lol  I love her more than anything and I love how much she has grown and can’t wait to see how much she does in 2018. <3
  • Diego- This last year we decided to make more time for us…date nights, special time with family, doing more things to create memories together and I love every minute of it.  I always told Diego that we have to think of us 1st and then Sofia, because she needs to see a strong bond and relationship from her parents to know what true love and happiness really is. Hopefully we can be the best role models for her and she sees this all through her life.
  • Family- I am so thankful for the family that we have on both sides that are the best grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to Sofia.  She is the first grandchild on both sides and that is truly a blessing, plus that means getting spoiled…A LOT. lol So I will definitely let her enjoy that until the moment we decide on baby #2. <3
  • Italy- Traveling to Italy with Diego and Sofia.  Italy has always been my dream country to visit and I remember in college Diego would tell him he would take me there one day, and I was so glad we got to share those moments with Sofia the first time I went.
  • Travel- This year was a big one and if anyone knows we have a travel addiction and I could travel every month somewhere if I really had my way.  From Charleston with my sister, Salt Lake City to tag along on Diego’s days off from his work trip, NYC for fashion week, Italy and visiting so many cities, and small trips in Texas it was my favorite.  I already have a lot of plans for 2018 so lets see how many I can knock off my list.
  • Updating Our Home- When we first moved into this house we had all of Diego’s old furniture that was all warm colors and it made the house look so dark and gloomy.  I love whites, grey and creams and that was only in our guest bedroom because that was my old bedroom furniture.  So when Diego finally said yes to getting all new furniture and going on the cooler side, my heart skipped a beat. lol A lot of persistence ladies. 😉

Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie

Now I wanted to share a little bit about this look.  One of the best things is that a ton of the pieces I am wearing on currently on sale and you better grab it quickly because they will sell out me!!

Sweater is currently 40% off making it under $30 and I am wearing a XS, and it is available in 2 other colors.  My jacket is regular price but I found this one for 35% off which is now $60 HERE and my boots are 40% off making them under $60 HERE.

Thank you so much for following and I hope you all have a great New Year!!!! <3

Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie Style The Girl Leopard Beanie

Pictures by Paige Nicolle Photos

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  1. Look at what an awesome year it’s been! So glad I’ve gotten to follow along for so much of it. Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

  2. It was great meeting you at TBS Con and that is awesome that your blog has grown so much this past year- keep up the hard work, girl!

    xo, Kristina

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