How To Enjoy Disneyland in Two Days With A Toddler

Style The Girl Family Trip To Disneyland

Last month Diego, Sofia, my mother in law and I all headed to LA as part one to Diego’s birthday week celebration, and our first stop was to head to Disneyland to share in our first memories with Sofia.  I can honestly say I was the most excited one because I am seriously a little kid at heart.

We arrived on a later Sunday afternoon and just relaxed and went to dinner until we ventured off to Disneyland the next day.  When we woke up Monday we were sad to see that both the days we were going to be there were going to have rain and thunderstorms, but nonetheless we knew we had to make the best out of it and enjoy every minute.

Things to Do

  1. Check the weather prior- We knew the forecast had cloudy/rainy days ahead so we made to pack accordingly.  Warmer clothes, an umbrella, comfortable and warm shoes…but we did forget ponchos and had to buy them when you are there, which of course is 3-4x the price.  So I suggest going to your nearest dollar store or Target and pick some up if your weather says the same
  2. Download the Disney APP– This allows you to see where all the characters are located, when all the shows are and so much more; this really was the most helpful app ever.
  3. Buy an autograph book and pen–  Diego remembered doing this when he was a kid and I absolutely loved the idea.  We grabbed as many signatures as we could and plan on bringing it with us for every other time we go back to Disney.
  4. Buy the Two Day Park Hopper Early– It is a slight discount and you don’t have to wait in line to purchase once you get there.
  5. Save Money Buy Booking a Hotel Off Site– We try to stay at Hyatt’s everywhere we go for the points we get and the one we stayed at was Hyatt House Anaheim Resort/ Convention Center.  We love these hotels because you have a full kitchen, two queen beds for all of us, continental and complimentary breakfast and it was 3 blocks away from Disney so it allowed us to walk back and forth
  6. Take Breaks– With a toddler, two parents and a grandparent it can definitely get little hectic, and bad weather doesn’t help either.  Try and take short breaks when you can and ensure you give your child enough time to run around and get their energy out.  We tried to have Sofia walk around as much as possible, even though we should keep going back to the same spots 10x in 2 minutes, but that’s toddler life for you.
  7. Bring Enough Snacks– Sometimes the lines can be scary long, so make sure you have snack for your kid(s) and your selves to make it through
  8. Set A Budget– At Disney you will want to spend more money that you originally planned so set a budget.  From gifts, to games, to food or to random shopping purchases…know your budget and stick to it.
  9. Purchase Clothes/Hats & Etc Prior Too– I bought all our matching t-shirts and the ears prior too because I knew it was going to be super expensive there.  I bought simple white shirts from Hobby Lobby and Carters and had my friend who makes shirt designs do them for me, and bought the ears on Etsy for $6 because at Disney they are $20 more.
  10. Enjoy the Magic– In the midst of the weather, chasing after a toddler, taking a million and one videos and photos to capture the moments, just remember to also enjoy the magic and memories you are making at Disney.  It really is the most magical place on earth <3

Day 1- Disneyland

Day 2- Disney Adventure Park

Someone was not happy when we said it was our last day at Disney. ;D

Thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to watch our video below for our adventures are Disney.!! <3

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