My Microblading Recap

Style The Girl Microblading Recap

Hi guys!!!  So I am excited to finally share my mircoblading story with all of you as it has been three months since I had my first appointment and 1 month since my second, which allowed me to give you a true update on to how everything went.  So without further ado, here is my before and after and also the most commonly asked Q&A.

  1. What is microblading?  It is a type of cosmetic tattoo that is done with a small handheld tool to create the appearance of hair strokes and create and fuller and more defined eyebrow.
  2. Where did I go for my microblading?  I went to Alex Hein at Do or Dye Salon.
  3. How much does it cost?  Depending on where you go each place is different, but you can check HERE for what Alex charges.

Steps During First Session

  1. I talked with Alex about how I normally do my eyebrows and what look I am trying to achieve
  2. Alex cleans off your eyebrows
  3. Map our starting points, arch and end points
  4. Alex draws a shape she feels best fits your features, such as your face shape and natural brow
  5. Once the shape is approved by you, she outlines and shapes it so it lasts during the numbing phase
  6. Numbing is done with a topical numbing cream for 20-30 minutes
  7. The microblading begins and you will begin to feel little needs, almost as if you are getting your eyebrows threaded over and over
    1. Mine you that after a few strokes it will begin to bother, or at least for me, since she will be going over the section multiple times and will get tender
  8. It lasts around 30-45 minutes and your numbed again in the middle of the process

What Is Healing Like?

So once I got my microblading done and the days after they will feel really dark, and honestly for me that was my favorite part.  This happens because the scab is starting to form and your eyebrows will typically stay dark until around 7-10 days and then begin shedding off.  I took my old Anastasia brow wiz brunch and would brunch though my eyebrows and then add A&D ointment to moisture.  Mind you, I used A&D ointment every day for the full week.

In the 10 days from getting the microblading done you must try your best to not get your eyebrows wet.  Use wash clothes or makeup wipes and in the shower cover your brows so the water does not run down your face.  This is because they are dry healing.

Steps During Your Second Session

Around 6-8 weeks after your original session you will come back and Alex will repeat the what was done in the first session to touch up any spots that didn’t take, make minor shape changes or make the color darker.

For me, since I completely forgot Sofia had a Christmas party that I was in charge off I had to cancel my appointment until 12 weeks.  For my second session I just asked for a darker look and Alex gave me just that. Now I feel my eyebrows are perfect because before I had them, they were very thin and light and now it gives me face the much needed definition.

Style The Girl Microblading Recap

Now to see more of the process check out my quick video below and make sure that if you are in the Houston or surrounding areas to go to Alex Hein because she is the

style the girl

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