How I Found The Perfect Blogging Intern For Me

How to Find the Right Intern For You

Happy Woman Crush Wednesday Friends.  Today’s blog post has been a long time coming, and I am excited to finally share with you all how I found the perfect intern for me.

Shelby came into my life earlier this year and seriously I could not be more thankful for her.  I have had one intern prior to her, but Shelby takes the cake.  She understands vision, is always so helpful, brings ideas to the table, understands blogging because she is one too, and is literally one of the sweetest and nicest people I have ever met.

Top 6 Things I Look For In An Intern

  1. Hire Someone Smarter Than You– When I went to the RewardSTYLE conference back in April, one of the biggest things Aimee Song stated was that in the beginning she would always hire people who “loved her” or were almost like fans, and even though that is awesome it didn’t help her business.  Then when she started hiring people who were smarter than her and help to grow her business and vision by providing ideas and more, she started seeing her business blossom 10x more.
  2. Blogging Experience/ Blogger-  After having my first intern not be a blogger, to having one, I can see a complete 180 on teaching and understanding the blogging world.  Not only does it make it easier, but when you have someone in the business, they can help make your life easier.
  3. Setting Expectations- Make sure from day 1 that what you are expecting and what they are expecting from this opportunity and job coincide.  When you aren’t on the same page it won’t work and both parties will unhappy with the situation.
  4. Understands My Vision-  Do they understand what my goals are?  Are they onboard with my vision?  Do they want to be apart of this ride for the short-term or long-term?  Do they want to help make my vision possible?
  5. Gives Ideas- This goes hand in hand with #1.  Are they able to help me grow by providing new suggestions, thinking outside the box
  6. Find Someone You Get Along With-  This was completely huge for me.  From the moment Shelby and I started talking we had so much in common; from similar backgrounds to what we want to do in our lives and us as was so nice.  (Even though I am 10 years older lol) We get along so well, and even when working we can have a good time and constantly laugh and smile.  I always want to make sure I have a fun work environment while still getting stuff done.

How to Find the Right Intern For You How to Find the Right Intern For You How to Find the Right Intern For You


  1. Do I pay Shelby?  In the beginning no, but did provide her tons of products that I received as gifting whenever we met.  I wanted to make sure that she stood by what she said during our first meetings and was someone I could trust to help me with my business.  She by far exceeded my expectations and now she has a paid internship with me.
  2. How did I find Shelby? So technically Shelby found me.  She reached out to my via Instagram and sadly I forgot to respond because it was during the time I had my cyst in my throat taken out, so I had a lot of messages.  I really wish you could save messages or flag them on IG. lol A few weeks later I spoke at UH on a blogging panel and later she came up with a friend of me and she was the cutest!! She wrote me later thanking for me speaking, and when I saw her previous message I told her I would love to meet and talk about it. 🙂  The rest is history.
  3. What a day in the intern life look like?  So each week Shelby always has two things she does, updates and adds all my new pins from the blog onto Pinterest and updates categories on my blog from old post, which of course takes time.  In addition to that she helps me with questions I have, following up with partnerships, taking photos for my blog and IG and other miscellaneous things.  Each week is so different.
  4. How many hours does Shelby work?  2-4 hours a week and non if she is on vacation or traveling.
  5. What do I have an intern/why do I need one?  Having Shelby as an intern helps me take care of things for my business that I honestly don’t have time for or don’t really care to do. A lot of things items can be time consuming and as a full time mom and running my own business as a blogger, the help for a few hours a week makes a huge difference.
  6. Will Shelby be doing a blog post on what it is like to be an intern?  She definitely said she will. 🙂

How to Find the Right Intern For You How to Find the Right Intern For You How to Find the Right Intern For You

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