Family Holiday Photo Outfit Ideas

Family Holiday Photo Outfit Ideas

When it comes to family photos I always get super excited!! From planning the outfits, to getting everyone looking great, to have treats so Sofia won’t look upset in photos or give a fake smile like she has in the past lol or making sure the weather is nice so your not either sweating or freezing…it all comes to play.

Mainly I just want fabulous photos, yes I do and I can’t help it. lol I want to look back at these and remember every moment of those years even if behind the scenes it was pure chaos, which is has the last three. 😉

Since I recently shot and shared our family holiday photos with everyone, I got a ton of questions asking to help give outfit ideas on what to wear for family holiday photos from glamorous to the casual.  It took me a second to compile everything and get some good examples, but I am excited to say I finally do, so I hope you all like them.


  1. Coordinating Outfits- This is always my number 1 thing that I tell everyone because it makes the family mesh as a whole, and the photos come out look great.  Whether you go with the typical green, red and white color scheme with pops of metallic or go edgier with black or out of the ordinary in shades of blue like we did…make it your own.Holiday Family Photos
  2. Weather- This is a big deal and definitely take it into account.  You don’t want to be shooting a full on fall look with your husband and kid(s) in 90 degree weather and vice versa.  Make sure the layers are comfortable and geared toward the degrees outside.
  3. Prints and Colors– Don’t shy away from it but also don’t go crazy.  If someone has a bold print then utilize number one above and grab colors from their to make you all blend well together.
  4. Make It Casual– Having a relaxed look will go well with everyone in the entire family and make for a easy going photoshoot.
  5. Go Glamourous– Last year we took our family photos in the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah and I don’t think I will ever love a family photo location even more.  From the gloomy style, the snow topped mountains in the background and the glamours and darker style we shot was everything.  Sometimes doing something untypical comes out better than anything you can imagine.
    Style The Girl Family Holiday Photos
  6. Pick The Perfect Photographer– Do your research and use Instagram, your friends and google to find one that will give you your vision.
  7. Don’t Be Bossy and Have Fun– I have learned this the hard way each year because I always have unrealistic expectations of what I want, and even though each year there has been moments to make me frustrated, I quickly regret it after I get my photos and are obsessed with them.  So have fun and enjoy taking pictures of these moments.

Hope these helped and have an amazing time taking these photos and please make sure to share them with me because I would love to see them!! 🙂

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