Goodbye 2018…Hello 2019: Milestones of 2018

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With today being the last day of 2018 I figured I would share some fun moments/milestones of the last year that really stood out for me, my family and my brand.  Most importantly THANK YOU all for reading and following me on this journey that I love so much!! It means so much so much to me and I couldn’t do what I love to do without all of you!!

Top Moments of 2018 for Me

  • New Home– March 31st we officially signed and moved into our new home and we couldn’t be happier.  We had been in our previous home for almost 6 years (Diego bought it for us after he proposed), and now he bought his girls a brand new home to grow into with hopefully more babies in the future.
  • Sofia- My little love has grown so much over the last year and turned 2 in March.  From then until now she is talking like crazy, having full on conversations with us and it is mind blowing.  She is seriously a little adult and my heart can’t take it.  As much as I love her growing I just want her to stay my little girl FOREVER.
  • London & Spain- We always go somewhere in the summer for our anniversary, and for our 4th one we decided to head on our first stop to London.  After a few years of travel with a child we have come to realize that the best and easiest way to do so is if your final travel destination is more than one step, then pick somewhere else to stay for a few days.  I have always wanted to go to London, Diego not so much, but I won that battle and all 3 of us had the most amazing time. We then headed to Spain and visited the cities of Seville, Cordoba and Madrid.  The country was super kid and family friendly and it was definitely a pleasant surprise.  With Sofia being super active, they have tons of parks perfect for smaller children and it was a dream.  We built so many memories that I will NEVER FORGET.
  • Diego– This year we went on two separate trips just the two of us.  We really keep making an effort every year to make it about us.  When you have a child it definitely changes the dynamic an you learn a new way to love each other in the best way possible after having something so magical come into your life forever.  Diego has also been super supportive this year on everything that has come my way and making sure my goals are met.  Whether its reading contracts, to helping me negotiate or working from home to I can go on trips to places I have never been or opportunities that come my way, he is my ROCK.
  • Travel- This year was a big one and if anyone knows I have a travel addiction and I could travel every month somewhere if I really had my way.
    • Miami
    • London
    • Spain-Seville, Cordoba & Madrid
    • Canada-Montreal & Quebec City
    • Vegas
    • Scottsdale
    • Los Angeles
    • Palm Springs
    • Cabo
    • Disney LA
    • New York City
    • Austin
    • Minneapolis
  • Debt Free- With such a great year behind me, I was able to pay off everything I own.  My dad always used to tell me that once you are debt free you have an actual income, and this rings so true.  So thankful for this because it was one of my goals for 2018.

Top Moments of 2018 for STG

  • RewardSTYLE Conference- One of my biggest goals for the year was getting invited to the RewardSTYLE conference in April and when I did I was absolutely floured and so excited to join.  I learned so much and met so many making bloggers that became friends IRL.
  • Blogger Babes- This past year I have grown my friendships with some bloggers that I now consider them my best friends.  We talk and text daily, have constant play dates and lunches and are constantly planning trips to experience things together.  I love them so much and I thank them for being here for my blogging journey and helping me make my way through it all.
  • NYFW- Heading to NYFW for my 3rd year in a row.  I will actually be heading their again in February for my first winter NYFW and couldn’t be more excited to go!!
  • Growing STG- I thought last year was a big year, but this year was astonishing for me.  I more than tripled my income and in one month I made half my salary when I worked a full time job. #mindblown I worked with brands I have been dreaming of working with and creating so many amazing partnerships that I hope to continue for years to come.  I knew I wanted to make this a business but it is even better when your ideas come to fruition and I can for sure say I will never go back to work for someone.  I also got myself an amazing Intern who has helped me grow my business and that I love so much and hope she never leaves me. lol
  • LLC– STYLETHEGIRL LLC officially became a business this past January and it made me feel estactic.  To have my own business makes me feel so proud of what I have done the past 3 years and can’t wait to see what else it has in store.
  • Building my IG- Over the last year I continue to grow my following and that is thanks to all of you.  Even with the algorithm and it being super stressful and painful at times, I appreciate all of you that have been with you since day one or just joined, and are engaged and love the content that I share with you.  Each of you allow me to do a job and share my life when I never thought it was possible.  THANK YOU!!!
  • Evereve- I joined Evereve this past November to model and have fun creating content for their holiday campaigns and I couldn’t be more blessed for the opportunity to be apart of it.  The company is amazing and all the people I had the pleasure of working with…truly blessed!

Thank you all again for the most amazing year EVER and I seriously can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store!!!

Photos by Katie Hill

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