3 Ways On How To Rock The White Wide Leg Pant Trend In Winter

I called this look my “Big Pimpin” look….or at least what the roomies said. 😉 This was by far my most FAVORITE look I wore to NYFW this year; not only was it super chic and glam, but I felt like to totally owned it in this look…you know what I mean?

From the wide leg pants under $30 (these are made for any girl 5’8 and over) to the red sweater that really made the outfit pop, and the cozy and oversized jacket that kept me warm, this look had YASSSS written all over it.

  1. Start off with a neutral pair of pants that way it will go with almost anything in your closet
  2. Make sure the length fits your body, alter if needed
  3. Create balance.  If they are a super wide fit then do a more fitted top or at a oversized jacket like what I am sharing below.

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