Abercrombie Try On Session & Sale

Abercrombie Tryon

Hi friends and happy Tuesday!! It has been a hot minute..and when I say that I mean 2+ weeks since I have written anything and I am so glad to be back.  Sometimes you just need to take a break and gain some inspiration to give back better content you know. 😉

Today I am excited to be sharing a new segment, which is tryon Tuesday’s and this first segment is for Abercrombie.  A lot of the items I am sharing with Shelby are on sale and Ill make sure to post all the details and which ones below!!

Tops (in a few colors) (5 total colors for $48)// My Skirt ( 5 total colors on sale for $30)// Shelby’s Shorts (also in white & on sale for $30)

Denim Jacket (on sale for $40)// My Burgundy Jumpsuit (3 total colors for $78)// Shelby’s Jumpsuit  (3 total colors for $78)

My Dress (comes in 4 total colors for $58) // Shelby’s Dress (comes in a red polka dot for $58)

Cami (comes in 5 colors for $34…selling fast) // My Jeans ( comes in 5 washes & on sale for $49) // Shelby’s Jeans(comes in 10 washes & on sale for $49)

My Swimsuit (comes in 3 colors for $68) // Shelby’s Swimsuit (bottoms are on sale for $11 & top is on sale for $17)

My Romper & Shelby’s Romper (comes in 5 colors & on sale for $40.60)

Tops (in a few colors) (5 total colors for $48)// My Overall Shorts & Shelby’s Overall Skirt (on sale for $40)

Tops (5 total colors for $48)// My Shorts (comes in 4 other shades & $58)// Shelby’s Shorts (comes in tons of other colors & shades + it is on sale for $27.50)

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