Girls Day Trip To Roundtop TX

A little over 2 weeks ago I headed with some of my favorite girls to Roundtop Texas, which is about 1.5-2 hours away from Houston.  Twice a year it is a mecca for all things antique and they have huge shows where you can buy tons of pieces for home or more.  We decided to head there for a quick girls trip and the day could have not been better.

We arrived around 12pm and stayed until 7pm, which ended up being absolutely perfect and just enough time to enjoy each other, see the cute small town and then of course get some outfit shots. 😉 #bloggerlife

Below is the map that you can get at almost every store in Roundtop.  The city is maybe a 1 mile walk all together so you can get through it fairly quickly, so just enjoy it, take your time and each and drink your way through the fun. 🙂


  1. Park right in front of the town square which is right across from Royers Round Top Cafe.  It is well known around Texas.
  2. Head to Henkel Square and go into every store in the circle.  Right here you will also find Royer’s Pie Haven where you will find their infamous pie!!! Make sure to get one because it is by far the BEST EVER!!! I got strawberry with vanilla ice cream.  Be advised though that if you eat outside, which you will have too, there are tons of bees because of all the sweetness. 😉
  3. Humble Donkey has the sweetest owners and they give wine for shopping, so all the girls were in heaven.
  4. The church is in the far back and we got so lucky because there was a wedding that day and it was decorated perfectly and so beautifully.  It definitely is a great spot to take a picture or have a future wedding. <3
  5. Once you make your round head to Bybee Square which has some cute shops and Lulu’s where you can gran some Italian food if you are craving it.
  6. Mandito’s- Owned by Houston’s own Armando’s we decided to check it out, eat some Tex Mex and have a  drink or two.
  7. Rimmel Square- End your trip with the last group of homes that has tons of more cute shops, places to eat and cute picture opportunities.  At Townsend Provisions Rebekah and I grabbed some quick Mama tees that we love..especially since Mother’s Day was this past weekend.

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