How I Get My Healthy Hair After A Workout

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Pantene. The opinions and text are all mine.

This summer, I really tried to make it a point to work out as much as possible, but the hard part is that I live in Houston so the heat index and the sweat rate for me is at an all-time high.  This past month has been especially unbearable and my hair truly doesn’t get any love once I walk out my doors at the beginning of the day.  With thatsaid,I have been utilizing an at-home hair regimento keep my hair repaired and protected during thesehot and humid Houston months.

I love when I have a good hair day, but really,who doesn’t?  Even in the summer months, I try to utilize products that can help it out. 🙂   I often get asked how I maintain my hair and keep it shiny especially with how much I have been changing my hair lately, so today I am excited to share my two secrets.

1. Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots–  Pantene challenged me to confidently participate in a summer activity that I loved, knowing that I had a product that would help repair my hair afterward. With the Intense Rescue Shots, I was able to continue working out in the Houston heat and still have amazing hair afterwards! The Intense Rescue Shots are single-use tubes that provide deep-conditioning but rinse quickly to avoid weighed-down hair and containa deeply absorbing blend of Pro-Vitamin B5.

2. Pantene’s Repair & Protect Shampoo – Helps repair hair for 2x less breakage and visibly shiny hair.

3. No Heat Days- This means no blow dryer, curler or straightener. Leaving my hair to air dry or to be styled naturally truly helps keep all the shine in my hair and helps to avoid split ends.  However, when I do use heat, it’s Pantene to the rescue thanks to the Intense Rescue Shots!

So, from the heat of where I live to my constant changing hair colors every few months, I feel like my hair can get dull and brittle extremely fast, so I am so glad I found the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots for my at-home deep conditioning treatment.

By the way did I tell you it only takes 1 minute to use?? 🙂

How They Work

The shots contain a blend of vitamins, lipids, and natural glycerin that target the areas of damaged hair. The lipids are absorbed into your hair after just one use where you will notice a difference! The Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots repair damaged hair and leave your hair soft, shiny and stronger than before.

How To Use Them

Wash your hair with the Pantene Repair & Protect Shampoo.  Use the Intense Rescue Shots once a week (in place of your regular conditioner) to keep your hair healthy and protected from all the elements they come into contact with.  Massage into hair for 30 seconds and then rinse out for 30 seconds (be sure not to over rinse)…it is that easy.

Try these Intense Rescue Shotsfor yourself so you can see what I mean! Use the hashtag #PanteneToTheRescue and show me your before and after photos after using this awesome deep conditioning treatment.

Here’s to happy and healthy hair ladies!!

Photos by Banavenue 

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