5 Reasons You Need To Stay At The Miraval Austin for a Parents Getaway

Miraval Austin Parents Getaway

The Miraval Resort in Austin, Texas is here and even more magical than we could have expected.  Diego and I were so excited to enjoy a much needed parents getaway that made us feel far from home but yet still so close.  The Miraval is a 220-acre luxury resort that opened earlier this year, that includes 117 guest rooms that have custom featherbeds, slate-tiled bathrooms, private balconies, a variety of health and wellness programs, a challenge course and a two-story spa and the two most amazing infinity pools with a view to die for.

For a little backstory, Miraval opened it’s doors outside of Tucson, Arizona in 1995 as a sanctuary for people hoping to acquire tools to regain balance and to restore health and happiness to their lives. A destination for the curious traveler, business-burnout escapee, and spiritual adventurer, Miraval became a leader in mindfulness-based resorts and spas, created and crafted with intention and authenticity.

Their Mission is to inspire a life in balance through mindfulness and their Vision is to be the most imaginative, authentic and meaningful wellness experience.

Miraval Austin Parents Getaway Miraval Austin Parents Getaway

Here are 5 reasons you need to stay here on your next parents getaway:

  1. It is calm and quiet-  As a parent a lot of times you just want some peace and quiet and from the moment you arrive to the property you get the sense of calmness that you have not had the chance of having in quite some time.  Now that we are pregnant with baby #2 I have made it pertantant to enjoy these moments for the next few months because life will definitely be more fun and chaotic.  The bedrooms have the most amazing views of the Lake Travis and the rustling hillside, all while laying in bed you feel like you just fell into a cloud and never want to get up.

Miraval Austin Parents Getaway Miraval Austin Parents Getaway Miraval Austin Parents Getaway

2. The food- My hubby will be taking over on this one because it was more definitely one of his favorite parts of the trip. As STYLETHEGIRL’s hubby, I get to indulge on some very cool perks! I figure the least I could do to show some appreciation is tell you guys about the amazing dining experience the Miraval folks treated us to during our parents getaway.As some of you already know, STYLETHEGIRL has a simple pallet (nothing wrong with that), but I’m the one that likes tastes off the beating path with healthy twists to them. Miraval and their meal and beverage preparations did not disappoint; these were a perfect complement to what the Miraval Spa ad Resort stand for.  The Miraval folks offer a very clever dining option, one delicious restaurant that offers meals, both on a reservation and/or buffet walk up basis. This restaurant over sees the scenic Austin Hill country which goes great with an artisan coffee, refreshing smooth, or in my case a great bourbon.

Miraval Austin Parents GetawayMiraval Austin Parents GetawayThe meals are complimentary to the accommodation, and they have a great selection of fresh and locally assorted foods. The buffet is a great spread of healthy and tasty options, which you can enhance with Chef Selected specials for each of the daily meals. During our time on site, we indulged on Stuffed Hash Peppers, Rustic Morning Casseroles, and some of the best pastries on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.  The meals and the drink bar were great, but we need to talk about the “Just Cook For Us” experience. This was my highlight even over the amazing 100min massages. As part of our opportunity with the Miraval folks, we had a chance to select a few activities offered by the resort. We tried to sign up for a Sauce and wine pairing class, but due to availability they had to sign us up to do the “Just Cook for Us”; this is an experience were the Miraval Head Chef cooks a meal for a select few guest. Well, we got very luck, and in our case, we were the only guest of for that evening. Head Chef Ben and the Restaurant Manager Edward treated us with a hospitality second to none. Chef had a five-course meal set for us, while Edward set me up with a wine pairing from all around the words; Margret due to baby #2 could not partake in the wine, but Edward cooked up a Mock-Tail pairing I was jealous off. I would love to be able to tell the story of the foods and wines presented but I would do an injustice to both Chef Ben and Edward. The five meals were fall inspired meal such as Pumpkin/Pepitas soups, Texas Antelope Bruschetta, wild mushroom spreads, Texas Lamp, and an exquisite delicate carrot cake presentation. Oh, an on the other hand Edward just kept bringing the most amazing pairings of Wine from Santorini, Oregon, Texas, Australia, and Spain. Yea, let that sink! Not only was the meal incredible, but both Ben and Edward were a blast to hang around with. They were so passionate about what they were doing and entertaining; I kept telling them they are the kind of folk’s id like to just hang out with and have a drink while bs’ing about life and other great food/wine. At the very end of the meal, I happen to ask about Bourbon pairings as I’m a big bourbon fan. The chat was very casual and I took the opportunity to compliment Edward on the selection they had at the restaurant. They have a great selection of allocated bottles very well priced for tastings (during our time there I enjoyed a Gorge T Stagg, Rip Van Winkle 10yr, and C.E.Taylor Single Barrel, all great pours).  Edward then says he had a surprise for us; sure enough he comes in and pours me a Pappy Van Winkle 12yr Lot B (this is up in the Bourbon Royalty Realm) and gives Margret a fragrant Chamomile Tea. Talk about the right way to do a night cap. This was such a fantastic evening. But the best part is that I got the spend it with my beautiful lovely wife, STYLETHEGIRL. To Chef Ben, Edward, and the Miraval folks, Thank you. What an unbelievable experience.

Miraval Austin Parents Getaway Miraval Austin Parents Getaway

3. The Spa- I have done quite a few massages and spa experiences in my life throughout the world and I have to honestly say that the spa gave me the BEST massages I have ever had in my life.  Even now a few weeks later I dream about it. 🙂  What I also love about the spa is that they aren’t your typical type of massage, but more so an experience and one you will never have had.  From getting rocked in a silk sling, from herbal healing, to performing Eastern rituals..it brings it all together and how I feel every spa experience should be.

Miraval Austin Parents Getaway Miraval Austin Parents Getaway

4. Activities- Classes include Yoga Twang, where you can listen to a local tunes playlist during your downward dog. There’s also a new yoga barn—a stunning limestone A-frame with accordion windows that open to a large sunset-facing deck. Guided hikes that take guests through the hilly grasslands of central Texas’s Edwards Plateau.  Then from floating meditation to Yin/Yang Yoga, while also having an equine center that specializes in meditative rides, as well as a challenge course that includes archery, hatchet throwing, and a climbing wall.  For our activity I truly wanted to be around horses; I absolutely love them and think they are the most amazing creatures.  We decided to doing the Healing With Horses private experience where it helps guest work through their personal issues in a unique, supported, healing experience with their horse and wellness counselor. You will learn tools to gain emotional regulation and balance in your life all while taking care of the horse by brushing its hair and mane.

Miraval Austin Parents Getaway

5. Technology Free Areas- I am not going to lie that when I saw this I was slightly worried, just because I work and do everything on my phone and since it was a work trip I wanted to grab and detail as much about the Miraval Resort as possible.  After being there for a few hours I took the chance to just sit, relax and take it in.  This was the true reason I was here and being able to experience this amazing sensation of relaxation that I had been craving and turning for for quite some time.

Thank you so much for the Miraval Austin for the amazing stay and making two parents have the most relaxing weekend we could have asked for.  We will definitely be back.

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