Ko’Olina & Honolulu Family Travel Guide At The Disney Aulani Resort

Hi Ladies!!! It has officially been 3 weeks since we left Houston on our way to our babymoon in Hawaii.  As part one of our trip we decided to head to Honolulu, Ko’Olina to be exact, to have our first part of our trip and the most family friendly one as well.  Today I am excited to share were we stayed, tips and things to do and see at the resort as well as things to do outside of the resort.

Hope these are helpful!!!


Disney Aulani– When thinking of our Baby Moon we knew we wanted to do a mix of a fun kid place but also adult friendly.  I heard so many good things about this Disney resort and since they truly catered to kids and fun we knew this would be a great option.


We chose a simple standard partial ocean view room for trip so we can still get an amazing view while also not having to spend a ton of money for a room when you are barely in it. 😉


There are 9 different food options on the resort. There are 4 restaurant options and then 5 snack options that include a pool bar, a shaved ice location and snack bars to choose from.  For the restaurants I suggest booking those either before your stay or the moment you arrive since they get packed quickly.  For breakfast even though it says buffet it is not a come and go option, you must have an appointment to get in because they have character breakfasts that you don’t want to miss out on.


One of our favorite parts of the Aulani was Aunty’s Beach House because it is the most kid friendly where they explore Hawaiian culture, music and art and available to ages 3-12 which is the best.  It is so hard to find resorts that cater to the younger toddler age and the fact that they had this option was awesome.  When you arrive they give you a wrist band for $12, which you can return and get your money back at the end, and it tracks exactly where your child is at all times.  Since the space is extremely big at 5,200 sq ft with a TV screen, computer room, video games, arts and crafts, dress up area, a playground and more.

This allowed Diego and I with much needed us and me time to do what we wanted together or separate, and Sofia never wanted to leave when we came to pick her up.  Right then and there you can tell how awesome this space was for the kids.


Sign up your kids to make their own mickey ears with your chose of color headband and flowers.



See the schedule HERE







There are 8 pools around the resort that cater to a kid friendly environment and make it fun for parents too.  Since it was a rainy and colder few days when we were there Sofia and Diego did a lot of jacuzzi time or played out on the beach that is connected with the Four Seasons next door.


We never planned on getting a car rental but after arriving on the resort and getting a rainy week ahead we decided to rent one and explore the island more since there is more to do.



Sadly when we went to visit the pineapple plantation this day it was raining this day so we just got to do the train tour and eat LOTS of pineapple ice cream, which is seriously so good.  Otherwise there is also a garden maze and garden tour and lots of food and things to bring home, PLUS LOTS of chickens. lol


This location was a favorite from followers and also the resort to go and visit.  We made the trip right after the Dole Plantation and since it was rainy we suggest to always keep closed toes shoes with you since it got quite muddy and messy.  I had flip flops and i made it, but sofia had sandals with openings the got muddy and she was super grumpy and wanted new shoes 5 mins into the walk.  The great thing is that it is beautiful and only a 25-30 minute easy trail up so it is not strenuous.


This location was a huge favorite from a lot of my followers, so we decided to stop by one afternoon for lunch to check it out.  It was so funny because Sofia slept the whole time so mommy and daddy got a nice little break.  So after finally grabbing some food a drinks Diego and I honestly thought the place was nice but nothing special and it would give it a 6.  I think coming from Houston where the food is phenomenal makes it hard, but even the basic burger I got could have used more flavor for and everything else.

Even though it wasn’t our favorite it doesn’t dismiss everyone that sent me their recommendations, so if you haven’t I would still check it out because the atmosphere was super cute.


Located inside of the Marriott about a 4 minute drive from Aulani’s, it has an amazing italian seafood option.  I am not a big seafood person and Diego is allergic to shellfish, but he loves fish and completely devoured his whole meal.  Sofia and I got pasta and we literally did the exact same thing.  We would highly recommend it.


This is a really amazing place to see the history of what happened on December 7.  The only thing you can’t do with young kids is the submarine, but we ended up exploring the USS Missouri ship and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Sofia was giving us a tour the entire time and it was s fun to see her excitement and a quick trip to the  Aviation Museum so see lots of plans from back then.


One bonus is that it right next to the hotel so you can either walk there for 15 minutes and or a quick 3 minute drive.  You can enter by 530pm and it goes until about 830-9pm.  There are tons of activities once you arrive to from face painting to a bowling-ish game, to stick throwing, and then the individuals who perform on stage duo mini performances all the way up to the show.

We ended up doing the Deluxe Luau package since my sister suggested it.  You sit right in the very front of table next to the stage and get the food brought right up to you as well as your drinks.  With the package you can use your $20/adult and $16/child card to purchase drinks that aren’t free, such as anything alcoholic.

Hope all these tips are helpful and thanks for reading babes!!

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