My Baby Must Haves

Hi babes!!! I am so excited to share my baby must haves that you all ask me about quite a bit on Instagram, so I am rounding them all up here for you.  I hope these help any of you or for gifting as well….have a great Thursday loves.

  1. Baby Brezza– Basically a Keurig for formula! Makes super quick and easy formula bottles, perfect for when you’re in a time crunch or have a super hungry baby who is constantly eating like mine!
  2. Baby Brezza Sterilizer– Throw anything in this sterilizer and it’ll clean it super quick and efficiently.
  3. Formula Dispenser– Great for on the go formula feeding! Great way to transport perfectly measured out formula amounts, just add to water and you’re good to go.
  4. Baby Wrap– Such an easy way to carry your baby around the house when you need to get stuff done and use two hands, plus it helps them work their neck muscles!
  5. Baby Carrier– Great for carrying your baby around outside of the house.
  6. Newborn Lounger– We love this lounger that’s available for only $32.99 and it’s so light weight and machine washable which makes it great for travel.
  7. Avant Baby Bottle– These bottles have a natural extra soft nipple that mimics breastfeeding which is great for babies who drink both formula and breast milk.
  8. $18.00 Outfits on Prime– These outfits are so soft and come in tons of colors, my favorite outfit to out Daniel in I even ordered some sleeper versions.
  9. Baby Shoes– Love these baby converse that are available for only $8.00 and have an anti-slip bottom for when they start walking!
  10. Pack of 10 Bibs– You can never have enough bibs and these are such a great deal, pack of 10 bibs for only $17.99!
  11. Baby Hats– I love adding a cute hat to Daniel’s outfits, so fun!
  12. Pack of 2 Maracas– These are great sensory toys, Daniel loves shaking them and even teething on them a bit.
  13. Fisher Price Chair– This high chair has two different height adjustments and 3 different reclining positions. Everything is machine washable and dishwasher safe, plus it comes with extra trays for when they’re older.
  14. Fischer Price Portable Chair– I love putting Daniel in this chair and bringing him all around the house with us, also available for only $39.00.
  15. Activity Gym– Our go-to activity gym for tummy time and just lounging, Daniel loves playing with this.
  16. Bathtub– We love this tub that’s available for only $24.99! It comes with a non-slip bottom, cushion for their head, flush drain, and is the perfect size.
  17. Durable Stroller Fan– A fan is a must have for this heat, I always have one clipped onto Daniel’s stroller and I even use it for Sofia as well.
  18. Big Sound Machine– This white noise machine stays in Daniel’s room and is our favorite! Has a timer, volume control, and six different noises to choose from.
  19. Baby Shusher– Great portable white noise machine for travel!
  20. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag– My all time favorite diaper bag! This brand has tons of different colors and styles to choose from but having a backpack version of a diaper bag is a game changer.
  21. Munch Mitt– Neither of my kids have been pacifier fans but they love to chew on their hands and suck their thumb. This mitt is great for teething and massages their gums.
  22. Ice Gel Teether Toys– Stick these teether in the fridge and you’ll have a great massaging teether that provides cooling as well.
  23. Baby Rattles + Toys Pack– This pack of 10 toys is available for only $23.99 and a great toy start pack for your baby!
  24. Cradle Cap System-
  25. Doona Infant Seat and Latch Base– This stroller car seat combo is such a game changer and I absolutely love it! This makes traveling so much easier, especially now that I have two kids to pack in/get out of the car.
  26. Mamaroo Baby Swing– Daniel loves hanging out in this swing that has 5 different unique swinging motions and you can even control it from your phone!

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