How To Amp Up Your Hair with Waterless Haircare

how to amp up your hair with waterless haircare

Thank you to Waterl<ss Haircare for sponsoring this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If any of you have followed me since I started my blog,you know that when it comes to beauty and traveling there is something I can never live without, and that is dry shampoo.  This past weekend we took a trip with my parents to Fredericksburg and since we were bouncing from place to place and the weather would be in the 60s at night and then 90s during the day, your hair can definitely take a hit.  So I always make sure to have a few tried-and-true products that come with me to make my life easier and my hair looking fabulous.

 Since I have been using dry shampoo and heat shield products for my hair, it tends to last longer in between rinses and provide more volume than ever which I absolutely love.

I recently discovered Waterl<ss Dry Shampoo No Residue & Conditioner Weightless Smoothas well as their Heat Shield Protect & Restyle Sprayand it has been a game changer.  In 2018, Cape Town, South Africa was experiencing a major water crisis where it was so bad that they were so close to being completely out of water.  When that happened Waterl<ss was created to help the people of Cape Town extend the timebetween wash days and making their life easier during the chaos and mainly contributing to minimizing water waste.

After hearing about this,it made me realize how extremely privilegedI am to always have running water when I need it, and even though this is a small point in the right direction,I have started by adding Waterl<ss products to my daily routine. I am little by little trying to help with the extra water waste that a lot of us do and by utilizing their dry shampoo & conditioner to minimize washes throughout the week and have my hair lasting and staying fabulous for an extra amount of time I am also all about. <3

Here are my Top 3 items and how I use them.


Dry Shampoo No Residue

This is my favorite for my fine and oily hair and leaves my hair feeling extremely voluminous; plus it is paraben- and sulfate-free!!!All you have to do is spray it directly onto your roots, let it dry and spread evenly throughoutyour hair.

Dry Conditioner Weightless Smooth

I’ve never heard of a dry conditioner, but so happy I found this one from Waterl<ss. It smells amazing! This leave-in conditioner spray controls frizz, moisturizes dry ends and detangles without water and smells absolutely amazing…sweet but not too sweet.  Plus this one is also paraben- and sulfate-free.Youspray this on your ends and brush through once it dries – so easy!

Heat Shield Protect & Restyle

Since I love a good hair style and use my curling iron multiple times a week, this one is great for all hair types.  The heat protection spray seals and protects hair from damage caused by thermal heat styling up to 450 degrees as well, yet free of parabens, sulfates and alcohol.

So as their website says “no matter if you’re choosing to skip a wash to save time, save water, or save your hair from the wear & tear of drying and styling, our collection of products provides solutions for brighter, more beautiful non-wash-days. Waterl<ss, beauty more.”

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