Parent’s Weekend to Cabo

Happy Tuesday babes!!! Diego and i just got back home last night from a weekend trip to Cabo and can I just say how much this was needed. The last time we went anywhere for a weekend was 2.5 years ago, so this was much needed.  I got so many amazing questions on this weekend and you can find them all in a CABO QUESTIONS highlight on my IG page HERE as well as a highlight with videos and photos from the whole weekend.

So now I’m going to share a little recap of our weekend and link as much stuff as I can for you to reference whenever you need it. 🙂


MAR DEL CABO by Velas Resort.  This is located about 35 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from San Jose De Cabo, a cute simple and little town on the way to the hotel from the airport.

We got a one bedroom suite, number 51 to be exact and it it provides you with a kitchen area, dining table, a couch that pulls out to an extra bed, a walking closet, separate bath and a king size bed.  It has 2 doors that open up and you can a view of the pool, the restaurant and the beach all in one.  It is the perfect location IMO.


Sunset Monalisa was where we had dinner the first night. I originally had dinner reservations at Cocina Del Mar Esperanza (which is another great option), but then I got a bunch of DM’s from people telling me to go to Sunset so I decided to book it instead and cancel the other.  With this dinner reservations it is all done at night and it isn’t a typical restaurant.  Once you sit at your table it is yours for the whole night, so relax and enjoy.

At this place you can pay and extra $20/person to have premium seats and I am so glad that I did. The view from our table was perfect and so breathtaking.  If you are looking for a very romantic dinner location and your not afraid to spend some money, then this is the place you want to come too.

Flora Farms was our next spot the following morning for breakfast and another top requested place for people to tell me to visit.  When you arrive it is in a very random, sandy road place that looks sketchy, but when you arrive it is gorgeous.  Large space of green grounds, little shops to go to and then a very large restaurant to enjoy their food.

So I will say something after officially going there and eating the food.  Nothing was truly special about it and it was extremely Americanized. When I travel I like to visit places that are more authentic and sadly this right here just wasn’t it.  I feel like its just super glorified and literally every single person that was their was American, which isn’t bad, but that’s not what I was really going for.  Now I know and honestly can say I can check it off the list.

Manta– This restaurant is located at The Cape Hotel and is literally in view of Sunset Monalisa, which I didn’t know until we got there.  This place is super modern and the food was by far the best we had the entire trip.  Diego said it was his top 5 places he ever ate at and honestly everything I had as well as super delicious.


San Jose Del Cabo Downtown- Come here to visit the town, walk around the gorgeous colorful building and  shopping.

Beach- This is where we spent most of our time. Come, relax, layout and grab some snacks with all the gorgeous weather.  The water is rough so I wouldn’t recommend trying to swim but watching it is very relaxing.

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