The Vow 6-20-14

I’ve waiting 6 years, 3 months and 29 days to make this vow to you….


That was the first sentence I spoke when I was reading my vows to my husband  1 year ago.  I have always heard that the first year is usually the hardest but I would have the say that the first year has been the easiest.   The reason I say this is because we had been in each others lives for over a decade; we knew each other, we were best friends, we had been through life..good times and bad and always made it through.  Time is truly a test and makes marriage effortless…there are no surprises, no large obstacles that you have to work through or understand.  It makes it easy.


Marriage should be just shouldn’t be difficult.   We each put in 100% into our relationship..not 50-50, because why would you want to give the person you love only 50% of you.  100% is the only way you should walk into a marriage.

100% of you and everything you have to give.


I had been blessed to have found my love early in life but I will say that it was hard on me in the beginning to give time..time for our relationship.  I saw all my friends getting married after only a few years or even months!!  I remember feeling inadequate; even though he told me I was the one.  Until the moment he proposed and even now looking back at over 7 years together, I realize that this is exactly how it was suppose to be.

This is why our relationship is the way that it is…time made it easy and effortless…and full of love!!!


I could not possibly imagine my life without Diego; from the moment I saw him I knew that this was cliche as it sounds.  He stole my heart even before I knew his name…but its really hard not to love this face anyways. <3


As we end our first year of marriage I just have to thank my husband for being the most amazing human I have met.  For his love, his heart, his laughter that he brings to the world, his smile that I completely melt over, his sincerity, his ability to read my mind and vice versa (which is actually pretty freaky bc its ALL the time lol), his willingness to always help others, his ability to always want to protect, his need to be the best daddy to our puppies and many, many other reasons.  He is simply amazing!!


I <3 you baby!! Thank you for loving me the way you’s to a lifetime TOGETHER!!


Now to share a special little video of our wedding that was made from IHeartFlipbooks and one of our honeymoon videos from Thailand!!

 **We will keep our actual wedding video for ourselves a little bit longer 😉 **


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