Garden Dress

For the first part of our trip to Germany we stayed in Duisburg where my mom is from.  It is an absolutely charming town with adorable classic homes, tons of beautiful gardens and many memories of when I would come down for the entire summer to spend time with my grandmother.

On the second day my Aunt Wilma picked us all up and took us to their garden home.  In Duisburg most people live in either apartments or town homes, so they do not have land to plant or garden.  Here it allows them the opportunity to have their own space to do just that, and it was absolutely adorable.           I wore this dress because it was perfect to run around the town and super comfortable. I picked it up the weekend before at Marshalls and paired it with my Forever 21 felt hat, sandals and a backpack to carry all of my travel essentials: Nikon cameras, Gopro, and etc.        Nestled between hundreds of other garden homes my Aunts was my favorite.  Immensly cute, vibrant, and nothing but perfect German charm!!

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