Happy New Years

This past year has been one for the books.  Not only a whirlwind, but a journey in it’s self with travel, changes, love and laughter.  I couldn’t thank each of you enough for joining in this journey with me and being amazing supporters in what I love to do. Trying to think of the most memorable moments this year was the easiest thing possible and below I want to share with each of you what I most cherished the last 12 months.

 1) Launching STYLETHEGIRL :: Probably the most nerve wrecking and exciting thing I have done.  With my love of fashion, travel and sharing moments with family and friends, STYLETHEGIRL gave me the avenue to do all that.  The blog has grown so much within this past year and I cant wait to see what 2016 has in store.


2) LA :: Surprising my hubby for his 28th birthday was so much fun!!  He is seriously one of the hardest people to surprise with a trip, so I am glad we got to get out of the cold and enjoy some California sunshine.


3) Seaside,Florida :: Getting to celebrate a amazing union of two of our closest friends, while being in the most quaint town by the beach was exactly what we needed.  We definitely plan on taking our kids back there some day.

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4) Mexico ::You can never go wrong with a trip to Mexico, especially if it means getting to celebrate your sister in law marrying the love of her life. <3


5) Paris :: I have always dreamed about going to Paris, so when my husband surprised me that we were going to stop there for 3 days before heading to Greece for our one year wedding anniversary, I was absolutely thrilled.

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6) Athens/ Santorini/ Mykonos :: Santorini and Mykonos completely had my heart this summer.  They were the most beautiful locations I had been too.  Breathtaking views, crystal clear skies and water, amazing fun, and so much more.  I told Diego we have to go back…so maybe for our 10 year anniversary. 🙂  (or sooner)

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7) Germany :: Having this girls trip with my mom and sister was really special.  We hadn’t been back together in 19 years and my mom almost 15.  Not only was it so enduring to see the happiness in my moms face to be back home with family, I could see how happy it made her to be with her girls. <3

NOW…..the best part of 2015. <3

 8) Baby Sofia Everly Rojas :: The greatest event that has happened this year was the moment I found out I was pregnant.  The amount of happiness that came through me I will never, ever forget.  She has been such a joy these past 7 months in my belly and I cannot wait for her to come this March so Diego and I can spoil the heck out of her with all the love in the world.  She will be mommy’s little mini me and daddy’s little princess.  I can’t wait to see her grow and become the little woman she was meant to be; I have never felt more blessed in my life.
Once again to all my followers, thank you for sharing in this journey with me and I can’t wait to share 2016 with you.  Have a great New Years!!


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