Faux Fur Scarf

I hope everyone has the most amazing New Years weekend, because now we are in the first week of 2016!!  I seriously cannot believe how fast this past year has been, but I also get so excited thinking about all the amazing things that will be happening this year!!img_6269   With that being said, I had to talk to you about this fun fur scarf I can’t get enough off. I saw it at Target multiple times this past month and each time I kept questioning myself if I should get it; Houston’s weather is so bipolar. Even though the fur scarf was absolutely adorable I wondered if I was ever going to have a chance to wear it. 🙂  I told myself that the next time I saw it in the store that I would have to get it because it was the universes way of telling me it needed to be in my wardrobe. (My husband would think otherwise lol )

So the next time I headed to Target it was on sale…DONE!!img_6276 Now at 7 months pregnant I really like to show off my baby bump in bodycon dresses for a couple of reasons. 1) Comfort 2) Length 3) Fit 4) Style

A recommendation would be to stick to neutrals or dark colors because you can easily transition from daytime to evening, and it can be reserved for pretty much any occasion. Another plus is that you will always have shoes, a handbag, and accessories to complement your look.Thanks for following!!! 🙂

Faux Fur Scarf // Dress // Booties (similar) // Jacket (similar) // Bracelet // Lipstick


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