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If you haven’t heard of blendSMART then you better get to know it really quick!!! This amazing new product will be hitting the shelves to huge makeup companies like Sephora and other boutiques in the next few weeks.  I was lucky enough to have them reach out to me do to a review of the product and I can’t wait to share it with you all, but first, some details on the product and the company.

blendSMART is a Houston based company that is revolutionizing makeup brushes with the first ever rotating brush.  I mean, how has this never been created yet?  There focus is on 3 styles: foundation, blush and powder brush.  The brush heads are interchangeable, ergonomic, and perfectly calibrated for it’s spinning motion with 190 RPM.  As part of the blendSMART start kit for $69, a total steal if you ask me…you get the gentle rotating brush, lithium battery. foundation brush, and a 1 year warranty on the product.blendsmartblendsmart 2blendsmart

Now on the fun step, the application portion.  Below is a step by step portion of how to complete your makeup application from blendSMART and then mine with my daily makeup routine.



 1. Once you have attached all your brush head I placed my foundation on the back of my hand

2. Gently rub a small portion of the foundation on the brush

3. Work my way from the side of my cheek to the center

4. Begin massaging makeup onto my nose, eyes and up to my forehead

5. Rub the rest of the foundation on the brush and work my way to the other side of my face

6. Once my whole face has been applied with makeup I turn off the brush and do one last sweep around my eyes to ensure the makeup is placed smoothly and evenly

 7. To finish of the look I add some powder to set my foundation, blush, eyeliner, and mascara and top it off but adding some curls in my hair. 

After testing out this product I seriously cannot believe that something like this isn’t already out on the market.  Not only did it blend my makeup perfectly, but the contents of the box and the quality of the product are superb.  I have been utilizing the BlendSMART brush with every makeup application since I have received it and highly recommend for everyone to get their hands on one as well!!

Thank you blendSMART for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.


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    1. I actually have the full package price in the second paragraph, but if you need more details on just the base or the separate brush heads, there prices on the BlendSMART website I linked on the site. 😉 hope that helps!!

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