Parisian Style

Bonjour!!! Ever since my husband took me to Paris last summer for our anniversary I cannot wait to go back; you can see the posts here and here.  Paris is such a gorgeous and romantic city with so much history and culture.  It is completely picturesque and the fashion draws me closer and closer in.

Even though a trip back to Paris is not on the horizon any time soon, I sometimes catch myself incorporating Parisian style into my wardrobe.  Parisians are known for their timeless and simple style that completely exudes class.

Tips to Parisian Style

1. Stripes- Classic lines make an outfit

2. Simplicity- Less is always more

3. Low Heels- Or flats to be exact

4. Relaxed silhouettes- Nothing form fitting


 Skirt // Top // Boater Hat // Straw Clutch (similar) // Wedge (similar) // Rings

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