Two Fall Looks With Evereve & How They Make Me Feel Confident

Since the moment I became a mom my whole life changed in the most amazing way possible.  I felt immediate purpose in life, a love I never imagined was even possible and the greatest gift God could have ever given me.

With that it also brought me confidence.  Confidence in me as woman, as a mother, a wife and person.  I know this might be a super intense couple of paragraphs but it is all true.  When I was younger I was very self conscious…from being the quite girl, the nice girl, the tallest girl in school…kids have a way of being so mean to each other and then we get older and we can more easily remove the negative and surround ourselves with people we want to be around.

One of the things that would make me feel more confident during those times was putting an outfit together that made me feel amazing, making me feel like I was enough and that even on those bad days I still looked good on the outside.

Now as a mom one of my favorite stores to shop is Evereve.  From the fashionable clothing, to expert stylists that help you put an outfit that you love, a kid friendly area so moms can shop and enjoy while kids play and eat Goldfish; it really has something for everyone.

Flannel button down hudson dark washed jeans and white slip on sneakers

Flannel button down hudson dark washed jeans and white slip on sneakers

These two fall looks with Evereve are ones I will be wearing all the time.  Not only for the comfort of it all, but the easiness to make mom fashion still cute as I run around after my very busy and independent daughter.  Flannel button downs are almost a must for Fall and Winter and I already have a lot in my closet that I can’t wait to wear.  Pairing them with skinny jeans and sneakers are literally my favorite combo.

The grateful tee as well is so cute and will be perfect for Thanksgiving, but Evereve also has a ton of other great graphic t-shirts that I am loving and need in my closet…you will too.  I loved pairing my tee with these super comfortable boyfriend jeans that are so stretchy I plan on wearing them each time I know I am eating a big meal. 😉

Hope you all like these outfits and will re-create them as well.  If you do make sure to share them with me because I would love to see it!! <3

boyfriend jeans and grateful tee

boyfriend jeans and grateful tee

Thank you Evereve for gifting clothing in exchange for this post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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