Celebrating 4th of July with a Baby

white lace up dress

Happy Friday and 4th of July Weekend everyone!!  Here are some fun ways to celebrating 4th of July with your little one. <3

Fourth of July Activities with a Baby:

1)Watch the Fireworks: Whatever you are most comfortable with do it, whether it be watching it on TV or live.  We will be doing it from home because Sofia normally falls asleep between 8-830pm, so my hubby and I will watching it from our big screen

2)Go to a Brewery: Believe it or not, it is completely ok to go and enjoy a relaxing beer (with a DD of course) and take in the 4th of July festivities

3)Pool Party: Put your little one is a cute float or a little pool like Sofia and I did here, and enjoy some fun in the sun

4)Celebrate with Family or Friends with Children:  Honestly, not everyone will be fully understanding what it entails to do anything with a baby.  So hanging out with individuals that do, or have had children make it tens times more easier and are a lot nicer about certain things to say the least.

5)Museums: I have loved going to museums ever since I was a little kid, so it will be a great chance to take your little one out of the heat and learn something new.
white lace up dresswhite lace up dress

white lace up dresswhite lace up dresswhite lace up dress

I hope you all have a great time this weekend enjoying all things American and red, white and blue….God Bless America!!! <3



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