Holiday Family Pajamas 

If you know me well enough and follow me on social media then you know I love pajamas, especially during the holidays.   Something that’s even better is matching pajamas!!

I had went to Target right before Thanksgiving and they had a special going on for matching holiday family pajamas and I knew that I had to get the 3 of us some.  I had been searching online, but so many places were extremely expensive and I was looking to only spend around $50-$75 for all of ours together.  Insert Target to always save the day with anything you could possibly need or want, right? lol

When trying to figure out which ones I wanted to get I knew the first thing I had to consider was my husband and to get something that was still masculine enough but yet still would work for Sofia and I.  When I came across this Mama Bear that had a more relaxed bottom for my hubby I knew it would be the perfect fit.

But other than that today is Diego’s last final ever for his Master’s and Sofia and I are so excited for him.  He has been working so hard for the last couple years as he has been completing it and working full time, so we can’t wait to have our daddy back to have his full attention…and also because my birthday is tomorrow so we can celebrate. lol

Here are some of my other favorite family holiday pajamas that I think you guys are going to love too and need to get asap so you can have it ready for Christmas.  Have a great Monday guys!! <3

Reindeer Footed PJs (Extra 30% off with code FRIEND)

What The Elf? (Extra 30% off with code FRIEND)

Monkey Christmas


Buffalo Plaid

Reindeer Family

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