Positano Family Beach Day

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We have been home for almost two weeks from our amazing first family international trip to Italy, and I still day dream of it. For our third day in Sorrento we decided to take a day trip to Positano because it was the one place in Italy I have been dreaming of visiting for decades. From the pebble stone beach, to the colorful beach umbrellas and the stunning homes layered on the cliffs; it was a complete dream come true.

After arriving and making our way to the ocean, we settled on the second row of one of the most famous and fabulous beaches in the world. Not only for that, but I was so excited to share this time with my daughter and my husband.

Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano

When it came to dressing Sofia for such a momentous occasion, we made sure of a few things. 1) To have a swimsuit that was as colorful as the environment 2) That made sure to give her coverage to protect her from the sun 3) To have her Huggies Little Swimmers to ensure it absorbed any mess without swelling and leaking and 4) To make sure she wore her water shoes to protect her feet from the pebbled beach.

I was so lucky to be able to partner with Huggies Little Swimmers on our family trip to Italy because they have just launched an amazing campaign with Michael Phelps and his son Boomer that is all about helping babies feel safe and comfortable through fun water play this summer. He has some great videos from proper attire, see below, to training with a buddy and having fun with water without a beach or pool. On social media, you can see more fun videos and pictures if you follow the hashtag, #trainingfor2032, where you will catch Sofia right there with the rest of the other cute babies.

Watch more about Huggies Little Swimmers Proper Attire HERE.

Diego and I were so excited to play by the ocean and jump into the water with Sofia for her first real beach experience.  She has been to the beach once when she was around 2 months old, but that was only for a split second since we were at a friends birthday party; see here. This on the other hand, was the real thing.

We spent the first part of our time playing in the pebbles, and honestly that was Sofia’s favorite thing to do. We spent probably an hour doing just that and also making sure she wouldn’t put any in her mouth; I swear that girl sometimes. lol As a parent it is always important to sit by your child in full view of what they’re doing because in a split second they will definitely do something they should not be, or just making sure that the waves do not get to close to touch her. After pebble playing we finally made our way to the water and Sofia, Diego and I were in heaven. We laughed, jumped up and down to miss the waves and created memories that I will never forget.

By the way, did you know that in addition to being fun and great exercise, safe water play can also positively impact a baby’s development? I guess that means many more beach days are in store for Sofia this summer; especially with the Houston heat we are currently having.

Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano Style The Girl Huggies Little Swimmers in Positano


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