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Style The Girl X Huggies Little Swimmers

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One of my favorites things that we get to do with Sofia now that she is older is going to many water filled birthday parties. Not only does she have the best time playing with all of her friends, running around, eating cake and have the best time, but water play also positively impacts a baby’s development. While playing in the water, their emotional and social skills are expanding by sharing, laughing and smiling that takes place with fellow little ones.

As a mom, I absolutely love the way Sofia gets so excited when water and friends are all in one place. It makes my heart happy to see her interact and watch her mind wander and she continues to experience new things with friends as well as on her own. This helps her understand how to play carefully in water and be aware of things around her.

This is why I have loved partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants for all of her water moments, because they understand the importance of safety and bonding through water play. You can see more about how they train with buddies HERE, and how Michael Phelps and his son Boomer are taking the reins to share how they are #trainingfor2032 with Sofia and many other babies around the world.

Style The Girl X Huggies Little Swimmers Style The Girl X Huggies Little Swimmers Style The Girl X Huggies Little Swimmers

Last month I shared with you all how we utilized Huggies Little Swimmers for Sofia’s first international beach experience HERE, and we are so excited to share our love for them again for a fun 1st birthday party with her friends. During the summer in Houston, we take any chance we can to be at a splash pad or pool to cool down and have some fun time with friends. Sofia and all the kids would run around, play with the water, chit chat, eat food and enjoy the yummy cupcakes with blue icing.

I love watching her grow and share in these moments, and I know that they will keep getting better and better.

Style The Girl X Huggies Little Swimmers Style The Girl X Huggies Little Swimmers Style The Girl X Huggies Little Swimmers

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