How To Have End Of Summer Water Fun With Your Toddler

Style The Girl Huggies Water Play

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With Labor Day behind us it means that the Fall season is ahead of us, but obviously because I live in Texas the word “season” does not mean anything because summer and high temps still reign. Sadly though, it does mean that the pools are closed, kids are back in school and with an active toddler who loves the water, it is all about finding other ways to have fun.

One of our favorite things to do is have Sofia enjoy her mini bunny pool with its attached sprinkler hose out in our backyard. Water play is such a great activity that helps kids thrive all year long, and with Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swimpants by her side, there is no stopping Sofia.

This is why I have loved partnering with Huggies Little Swimmers for all of her water moments this past year, because they understand the importance of safety and bonding through water play. You can see more about having fun in a sprinkler dash HERE, and how Michael Phelps and his son Boomer are taking the reins to share how they are #trainingfor2032 with Sofia and many other babies around the world.

You can check more of how Sofia utilizes Huggies Little Swimmers in past posts HERE and HERE.

Style The Girl Huggies Water PlayStyle The Girl Huggies Water PlayStyle The Girl Huggies Water Play

Other Ways to Have Fun In The Water:

  1. Head to the neighborhood Splash Pad
  2. Create a slip and slide with a tarp, hose and shampoo
  3. Create your own sand and water table
  4. If you have an outdoor play area with a slide, place a small pool at the end for the kids to slide into
  5. Squirt Gun Fight
  6. Have fun by going toddler fishing.  All you need is a pool, water, a net or some floatable fish and watch your toddler have fun by trying to put the fish in the net.
  7. Outdoor Baby Garden.  Add the sprinklers by the garden to help your toddler learn to water fruit and veggies the fun way/
  8. Water buckets with different color to teach them their colors
  9. Make your own pool toys with sponges
  10. Get a old rain gutter and secure on your fence.  Add water and boats and watch them float. See via Pinterest HERE.

Style The Girl Huggies Water PlayStyle The Girl Huggies Water PlayStyle The Girl Huggies Water Play

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