Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

Note that we utilized Audley Travel for our entire family vacation to Italy.

It has almost been a month since we have been back from Italy and it seriously makes me so sad.  I tell Diego all the time we should move to Europe at some point because it is where I have always seen myself living.  I love the cobblestone streets, the constant action that is happening, the way you still feel big in such small towns, how much history it has and the way of life in Europe…it is more about leisure than working your butt off every hour of every day.  Definitely more of my type of mentality.

Where We Stayed

Hotel 47 Rome is where we stayed for our 3 days in Rome.   It was a perfect location close to the Colosseum  and walking distance to pretty much the entire city.  We stayed on the 2nd to the top floor which gave us the gorgeous balcony and just steps away from the rooftop restaurant with a amazing view of the city.  I will say we absolutely loved staying her not only for that, but because every single person that worked at the hotel was SO nice and amazing to Sofia.

Italians are seriously the best with children, and we loved that.

Places We Visited

While in Rome we visited pretty much everything we could possibly go to within limits of course because of Sofia.  It was so great to see all the ruins and history that lives within the city, and enjoy it in person.

The city is constantly bustling with people, music, food, cars and motorcycles and tourism.  So much fun and always something to do and see.  Make sure to enjoy your leisurely mornings when in Italy, because they like to make their slow and then stay up later at night.  My type of people. 😉

1. Colosseum

2. Trevi Fountain

3. Roman Forum

4. Vatican

5. St. Peter’s Basilica

6. Pantheon

7. Piazza Navona

8. Spanish Steps

9. Capital Hill

10. Palatine Hill

11. Pizza Venezia

12. Arch of Constantine

Where To Eat

You can literally eat anywhere and everywhere!!! I will say though that I was really surprised on the food bc I actually like our Italian food here in the states more. I know that is horrible, but the food in Italy is actually pretty bland, pizza and pastas, but the ice cream is completely on point.  Ice cream in Italy is like Starbucks here in the states; literally on every corner. lol


So here are a few pictures from our trip that are my favorite.   We tried to take as many pictures as possible but sometimes it can be a little difficult to do everything with a toddler . <3

Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

Style The Girl In Rome

style the girl

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  1. I studied abroad in Roma for 3 months my Junior year of college and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m hoping to make the trip with my husband within the next year and love seeing photos of all these old, familiar places.

    xx, @stylesouffle

    1. Omg that’s so awesome!! I told myself that when I have kids I want them to study abroad bc it’s the best thing they can do to experience a different culture. You def need to take the hubby 🤗

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