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Style The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art Work

For as long as I can remember I would watch TV with my family and commercials of Gallery Furniture would pop up.  I always remembered Mattress Mack being super fun and also saying his famous "Let's Save You Money!!"

So when Gallery Furniture reached out to me to be apart of their first Trendsetter Tuesday event at their flagship store, I was so excited.  My selected top was all about how to create a stylish, yet kid friendly living room space with all the furniture that they have, and guys, I was like a kid in a candy store.

My concepts for the my living room options were very similar to how my living room space is now.  Bright, airy and with pops of pastels.  I am definitely a mom that isn't afraid of white and dreads anything that is dark and gloomy, because I feel a bright space makes everyone feel happier.

As for coffee tables I wanted to share a different option for both because with babies and toddlers, they are constantly moving and getting into things.  With the round table it allows for less "ouches" to happen so they don't hit their head on a corner which causes more pain or a bruise, and the square table because it allows a still fresh and young vibe to the room.  I will say that glass might not be the best option, BUT, you can follow in my parents footsteps and place those large square floor mats on top so the kiddos won't bang on the glass or break anything.

All in all I feel like both living room options still allow every parent to feel like an adult and have a cute area to enjoy themselves, but also with the option to still be kid friendly.  When you go down below you can see glimpses of my living room and how I incorporate a Gallery Furniture piece into my kid friendly space.

As for everyone that came to the event I want to say thank you!!!  It really meant a lot that you took the time out of your day to come visit myself and Gallery Furniture for allowing me to be their first ever Trendsetter Tuesday host.

Style The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art WorkStyle The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art WorkStyle The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art Work

Style The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art WorkStyle The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art WorkGallery Furniture has so many amazing pieces for everyone and I definitely wanted many things, but I will have to wait till we get a bigger house and I have more room to decorate. 🙂

However, my husband and I were so happy to find two amazing pieces of artwork that would go perfect in our living room.  For months Diego and I have been slowly searching for something that would be on our wall adjacent from our TV, but nothing seemed to work, or atlas we could not agree on anything.

After the event Diego brought me around the corner from my showcase space and pointed to these two pieces of artwork and we both looked at each other and new these were it.  Thank goodness. 😉

So here are the two pieces that Diego and I choose.  They are simple, yet state out and love how to flow perfectly with our living room.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend everyone!!

Style The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art WorkStyle The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art Work

Style The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art WorkStyle The Girl and Gallery Furniture Art Work

Thank you to Gallery Furniture for sponsoring this post.  As always all thought and opinions are my own.

Photography by Banavenue Photo

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  1. What fun! Even though my apartment is fully decorated, I never get tired of seeing other people’s homes and getting inspired for my next decor update. I love the artwork you chose! It can match nearly any style. Great picks!

  2. What a beautiful space!! I am currently redecorating my living room and definitely got some inspo from this post!! I love the wall art and NEED those!!

  3. I love that your not afraid of white with a little! I’m in the process of ordering a new car and want light ivory leather interior but everyone is telling me to go with black but I hate black ha!

  4. This sounds like it was such a fun event. I love home decor with all my heart, so this would be a dream! I really love your space and how it’s decorated. Kid-friendly AND beautiful! Win!

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