My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Style The Girl Rent The Runway Red Jumpsuit NYFW

This is probably my most requested thing I have gotten from everyone on Instagram, and I know it is a LONG time coming.  I remember I made a video either this year, but did not like it at all and then life happened, I got busy and lazy to do another until this past week. 😉  Mom life can get to you guys.

So with no more further ado I am finally sharing my everyday makeup tutorial!!! I hope you all like it and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Have a great Thursday!!

Water Drench




Foundation Powder

Foundation Powder Brush

Under Eye Setting Powder

Under Eye Brightening Powder

Bronzer/ Blush Palette

Bronzer Brush

Blush Brush



Eyebrow Color

Eyebrow Brush

Liquid Lipstick

Setting Spray

style the girl


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