How To Wear A Summer Dress In Winter

Style The Girl Bodycon Dress with Long Coat and Boots

Happy Wednesday friends!!  When it comes to winter I know a lot of us sometimes wonder how we can utilize pieces from our summer closet into the winter, at least I know I do.  Though I know this wot work for a lot for a lot of places, but in Houston we can totally do; we literally will have all seasons in a week.

One of my favorite casual dress purchases of 2017 was this dress that is only $56 and comes in 6 total colors; I even have the long sleeve version HERE.  The biggest thing I see to transitioning summer pieces to winter is layer, layer, layer.  Here I get a long coat that helps to cover my dress even more, with the coziest long fringe scarf that I own.  Pairing it with a high knee boot or over the knee boot is perfect is still show off your legs, and give them extra coverage it needs to keep warm.

When playing to wear this out, I always say it will totally work as long as you aren’t outside for a long period of time.  so if you plan on going from home to car, car to lunch, lunch to shopping and then back home, it will be the cutest outfit to wear around and I promise you will get compliments on still continuing to be super stylish in your summer dress.

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Photos by Banavenue

style the girl

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