Mother’s Day Love with Mama

As we grow up and become parents we immediately get a new appreciation for our moms.  The amount of love,  the amount of work, the amount of caring and effort it takes each and every single day to take care of a human being is incredible, and it hurts me to think of those moments or years that you don’t realize all that they do for you until you have someone on your own.

My mom was always there, always the one to take us to school, pick us up, make our lunches, cook us dinner, help us with homework and be a hand to hold and a person to talk too; she is amazing!!  As a mom I try to be as much like her a possible.  She really is my hero.

In March though it was hard.  After flying back to Houston from New Orleans with Sofia my mom had her first seizure.  It was so hard to be there watching it happen and at one moment I thought I lost her.  It took myself, a physician and nurse on the plane to get her back…she didn’t even know what happened when she finally woke up.  Since then she has had another seizure and every day we are taking it in one at a time.

I pray to have my mom around for a very long time.  To watch Sofia grow, to see any other children my sister and I have and to be here with us.

So to all those mamas around make sure to give her a big hug, kiss her and tell her you love her!!!

Photos by Banavenue

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