Welcome To The World Daniel Rojas- Birth Story

On March 26, 2020 we welcomed our second child and first son, Daniel Rojas, and our world changed completely.  He weighed 7lbs 2oz and 19in long of pure baby boy perfection and I fell instantly in love from the moment he went on my chest, and will never ever forget it.

Starting March 25 I started to slowly get many contractions and I knew that very soon I was going to meet by baby boy.  Around 9pm that night I actually downloaded an app to track my contractions and it told me to head to the hospital, but I decided to wait it out and see if I could spend one more night in my bed and with Sofia as a family of 3 before we did so.  Sofia slept with us that night and around 2:30am I went to the bathroom and once I laid back in bed I felt a little bit of my water break and knew that the waiting needed to stop and it was time to get ready.

By 3am all 3 of us were sitting on the kitchen table and were talking about how excited we were to head to the hospital and Sofia kept saying how she was so ready to finally meet her brother.  We ate a quick little snack and headed to Diego’s moms house to drop off Sofia before we headed to the hospital.  By 6am Diego and I were walking into our hospital to get ready to meet our sweet boy.  After the nurses confirmed I would behaving my baby it all set in even more.  Diego was dancing, my contractions were strong and my heart was ready to grow 2x the size.

Right after 3pm we welcome Daniel Grayson to the world.  My little low, my boyfriend and the most special little gift ever.  Thank you God for blessing us with him and I will enjoy each moment on with him by my side. <3

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