12 Kid Friendly Activities for Social Distancing

Hi friends! I hope you all are healthy and safe at home, and for all of the parents out there I hope you’re not going too crazy! If you’re starting to run out of ideas with things to do with your little ones look no further, I’ve rounded up 14 activities that will for sure keep your kids entertained during this quarantine. I hope this helps!

  1. Dinosaur Rock Kit– This kit comes with 12 dinosaur eggs and a chiseling tool, your child can “dig up” the dinosaurs and learn about each one. You could also hide the eggs around the house or backyard to make a fun game.
  2. Playdough– Everyone loves play dough because there is seriously an endless amount of things you can do with it. This 20 pack is available for only $11.99!
  3. Bounce House– We decided to buy Sofia a bounce house after renting one every year for her birthday parties, and it’s seriously the best. This is great for getting them to exercise in a fun way.
  4. “Mom I’m Bored Book”– This is the perfect book to pull out when you can’t think of anything else to do. It includes 22 pages of different dry erase activities which is great because you can use it over and over again.
  5. Jewelry Making– This cute jewelry kit comes with over 220 beads and is available for only $13.99.
  6. Scavenger Hunt– This pack comes with three different scavenger hunts and is available for only $9.99. Sofia loves getting to play this game!
  7. Leapfrog Readers– Your child will learn the fundamentals of reading by using their pen to read the book aloud. Sofia does this everyday and absolutely loves it.
  8. Gardening Kit– This kit is the perfect spring activity. It includes three different types of flowers, planting materials, and you even get to decorate the planter!
  9. Puffy Stickers– These reusable stickers make for a fun dress up game and allows your child to think creatively!
  10. Slime Kit– The slime craze is still happening and this colorful slime kit is only $10.99!
  11. Suncatchers– This kit includes everything you need for your child to paint their own sun catchers. You can even let create one for every room in the house to keep them busy.
  12. Spelling Game– This game lets your child practice identifying letters and spelling out 30 different words. You could even create your own extra cards for fun

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