Truth Behind Our Mommy & Daughter Trip To Disneyland/LA

It has been almost a month since Sofia and I headed Disneyland and LA with two of our best friends and I am normally so happy after I come home from trips with Sofia, but for the first time ever I wasn’t so happy.  This trip was the hardest one I had ever been on with Sofia, even though I truly was looking forward to it being magical.

Needless to say the weeks coming up to this trip weren’t easy.  Diego had been gone for 3 weeks for work, she was still off from day light savings time, being off from Spring Break and then going through a pretty tramatic flight the week before where my mom ended up having a seizure on the plane as we were landing back in Houston.

Timing was not on our side and Sofia was struggling, we were all struggling.  When we made it to Disney Sofia constantly argued, cried, had tantrums and the constant 45 minutes to ride a ride was hard.  I was very thankful to have Annie and Liam there though because we were both able to calm each others kids down then our own. 😉

Even with that being said we did have some amazing moments.  We rode so many rides, and saw all her favorite Disney characters from Mickey, Minnie to Lightening McQueen.  We ate all the food and sweets and ran around and danced liked crazy in front of tons of people.  We stayed up late and smiled amongst the tears and even though it was crazy and I was so excited to experience it with Sofia and cannot wait to go back with her own day.

If your looking on how to do Disney with a toddler I also wrote a blog post last year HERE that has tons of tips and tricks.

For the second part of the trip we stayed in LA and did the Santa Monica Pier and beach, shopping spots, saw my cousin and her son an then got some fun shots around Beverly Hills.  I definetly think Sofia’s favorite part of the whole time in LA was playing games at the pier and getting her big kitty toy that came home with us.

From there we talked down to the beach and Sofia was in heaven.  She played with sand and toys, she played at the play ground and didn’t want to leave it one bit.  I loved it so much!!

For this trip I got really lucky to work with Lexus for my fourth time and get to drive the Lexus RXL.  I currently drive the RX version so when I heard there was a longer trunk version available I knew it would be perfect for our trip with two kids and two fashion bloggers. 🙂

The RX pairs leading-edge technology with exceptionally smooth performance. Meanwhile, the three-row RXL delivers uncompromised styling with added passenger capacity and the ambient lighting to the handcrafted trim, the RX offers elevated comfort and style.   From the HD display to the leather seating and smooth drive it seriously makes me want to upgrade my current RX to a newer one.

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