Father’s Day Family Workout with Academy & 5 Tips to Make It Fun With Kids

This post was made in collaboration with Academy Sports + Outdoors.   As always all thoughts and opinions are my own

Father’s Day is on June 21st this year and is Diego’s 4th Father’s Day and his first as a Father to two; I am seriously so excited that I am writing that!  Diego has always been the athletic kind and it got even more so once we had kids..no dad bod for him that is for sure. 🙂  

When it comes to Father’s Day gifting I always make sure to add something to his presents that includes athletic wear, shoes, workout equipment and so forth.  For all of those needs I always go to Academy Sports + Outdoors.  I have been shopping with them my whole life and they always have the best selection for the athletic dad, hunting dad, fishing dad, sports dad and more.

So with Father’s Day approaching and now as a family of four Diego really wanted to focus on staying active together and making it a fun family activity that we can all enjoy; especially now more than ever.  So I went ahead and asked him what are some family workout tips he suggests we share and here are his top ones. 

Family Workout Ideas

  1. Set The Mood– Kids normally have a small attention span so you have to make it fun and as interactive as possible.  Make sure it is at the time of the day that is not only comfortable for everyone to enjoy (end of the day when it’s cooler), but make sure it is when you can burn your kids most energetic times.  Sofia usually has a burst of energy after 5pm, so we head out as family to walk, play sports, run around, have dance parties 
  2. Picking The Right Outfit- You can’t burn some energy and workout without the right clothing and shoes.  Nike has always been a favorite brand of ours so I grabbed our looks from the Academy close to our house.  Diego loves to opt for these Nike Dri-FIT Miler running shirts that he has in a bunch of colors & recently grabbed these Nike Challenger 2-in-1 shorts that he is officially obsessed with (he ordered both pairs); he loves that they have an inner liner that adds support and coverage.  For Sofia we grabbed this Nike combo with the cutest Dri-FIT running shorts and this heart knot tank that makes me want it in my size. <3  For me I grabbed my own Dry Tempo running shorts and this yoga tank that is super lightweight and breathable.
  3. Workout Tools- We love bringing little weights for ourselves and Sofia loves using this green CAP barbell to match mom and dad, but another great way to utilize extra weight for exercising is your kids.  Diego loves to do this because he is getting around 40lbs to pump some iron and Sofia thinks it’s so much fun..I am sure Daniel will once he gets bigger. 🙂  Two other items we have with us everytime we workout the Nike Handheld Device Carrier where we used Apps to track workout times, distance traveled and more, and then the JLab Wireless Headphones that he is personally loving.  It has touch sensor controls on both earbuds which makes it easy to adjust volume and content to your phone…that is pretty cool. 
  4. Choose a Reward-  There will be days where your child might not want to be involved in a workout, so an incentive is always a bonus in their minds.  Think of something they would enjoy and utilize that.
  5. Change it Up– With kids you need to mix it up so it doesn’t get redundant.  One day play a sport you all enjoy, the next walk around the neighborhood and see how many lizards you can find and the next create a workout plan that you all can do together. 

There are so many options and it will make it so fun and you can also gather what your child enjoys more and go from there to incorporate it in future family workouts.

Make sure to head to Academy to grab the dad in your life some fun Father’s Day gifts he will love. <3


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