2017 Goals & SAHM Workout Regimen

style the girl goals and fitness regimen

As we close out the first week of the year I finally have been able to sit down and really list the few goals that I have planned for this year.  Instead of doing resolutions, which I feel I can never follow through in, goals are the perfect way to be absolutely realistic with yourself.

1.Be more in the moment.  I catch myself,especially as a new mom, waiting and getting ready for the next big event or milestone, that I sometimes forget to truly enjoy this little moments.  I know Sofia will just keep getting bigger, stronger, smarter, and so forth, and I can’t wait for her to do all those things, but I need to remember to enjoy them now because they will pass by in a flash.

2.Limit cell time.  The fact that Sofia sees a cell phone and bee-lines to it, is honestly not the best thing.  From taking pictures, to playing videos, social media and music, a cell phone is truly a one stop device, so I need to remember to minimize my time with it so it doesn’t become a must have for her and me in certain situations.

3.Address my anxiety.  As I shared in my 30th post, I suffer from severe anxiety at times, so I want to learn how to handle it better.

4.Learn to follow through on things and complete tasks until they are finished versus getting distracted.

5. Don’t always be in a rush, so that way I take my time to do things right the first go around.

6.Focus more on my fitness and make it a priority.  This year I have gotten so much better than I have in years, but I want to get stronger and more powerful. 😉

What are you resolutions for 2017?? 🙂 I would love to hear them!!

Now onto my fitness regimen as a stay at home mom.  I wish I could say I do all these things to lose the weight after baby, but I would be lying.  For me it was mainly genetics, breast-feeding, limiting my snack intake and working out that didn’t include a gym.  If you know me at all, you know that the gym is just not the place for me.  I end up people watching more than working out, and feel super self-conscious when I am in there. lol Weird I am sure, but hey, what can I say.

The biggest thing that helped me, not only to keep active and loose the pounds, but also allowed me to meet some amazing mama’s and babies in our area was Fit4Mom.  Fit4Mom allowed me to incorporate Sofia in my daily workouts by utilizing the stroller, and being with fellow woman who empower each other and have a common bond.  After having a baby, especially the first time around, there are so many new things that happen to your body that you are not aware off.  Each woman is different and each birth is different, so it is great to have a team of woman be there for you in all aspects of motherhood.  Plus I love that our babies are growing together and becoming besties that cause a lot of trouble together. 😉

Now if you are someone who might be struggling to lose those pounds, my amazing sorority sister Sally Lebig just launched her book this week called Laughing My Struggles Off, where she acknowledges the struggles we face in life, but teaches you to laugh through them rather than allowing them to be bigger than our capabilities. The book allows us to find the humor in any situation life brings our way; what is better than that right??

Happy Friday guys!!!! <3

style the girl goals and fitness regimenstyle the girl goals and fitness regimen style the girl goals and fitness regimenstyle the girl goals and fitness regimenstyle the girl goals and fitness regimenstyle the girl goals and fitness regimen

Photos by This Lavender Life

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  1. If you ever need an ear to chat off about your anxiety I am your girl! I have the very same diagnosis and I am refusing to let it define me. I have missed out on too much because of it’s dumb self. Time to girl boss anxiousness! lol

    1. Thank you so much Sarah!!! Yes, time to girl boss for sure!! Sometimes I just think of all the things that could happen and they give me the worst anxiety, especially with Sofia. So I got to get better for her, because I don’t want her to notice it and get the same way. <3

  2. You look amazing! I used to suffer from anxiety several years ago too. What helped me is to take in deep breaths whenever I felt anxious and to constantly remind myself that I am stronger than I what I feel or think.

    1. Thank you Sumana and I completely agree with you. I need to do that more bc sometimes I just let it overcome me!! I appreciate your tip and taking the time to read my post. 🙂

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