Things to Do and See in Cordoba Spain with a Toddler

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Hi friends!! I am almost a year late on writing this blog post but better let than never right? ūüôā¬†Did you know that a thousand years ago C√≥rdoba¬†was the largest city in the world, with a population three times its current 320,000?? I had no idea until we got there either, but after walking around the city we could totally see why by its immense beauty, history and character.

So here I am going to tell you few things to do with your toddler that we loved.


Hospes Palacio Del BailioРThis hotel was absolutely enchanting and gorgeous!! We stayed in one of their Deluxe Rooms which is right off the indoor garden when you enter into the hotel.  Some have vaulted ceilings or ancient stone arches from the old palace but, all have one thing in common, the distinctive architecture.  It was purely stunning and extremely spacious for a family of 3.

Inside you will stumble upon clean and crisp white lines. ¬†In the center where you have breakfast you can look down and see ruins underneath your seat…what a wow factor. ¬†The pool area is a garden oasis and you will feel like you are in another world; we spent a lot of time there just enjoying every second.


ParksРThe most amazing things about Spain is ALL THE PARK, perfect for children.  Stop at everyone and I promise your child will thank you and have so much fun and last longer through the day with all the excursions and walking.


Patio de los Naranjos– Located right in the center of the city this Mosque has not changed much since the beginning of its creation.

Alcazar de lost Reyes Cristianos This royal compound was absolutely breathtaking.  Not only can you do up to the top and see the city and more for your self, but the grounds are ones to admire.  With rows and rows of greenery and flowers and to many courtyards, Sofia and us had an amazing time running around and enjoying every second of it.

Jewish QuarterРLocated North and West of the Grand Mosque you will stumble upon this gorgeous part of the city, home to the Calleja de las Flores (little street of flowers), which was honestly our favorite street of the entire town.  The homes and area truly reminded us so much of the greek islands and we could have gotten lost there.

Roman BridgeРIt dates back to the 1st century and something that you need to see if you visit Cordoba.  One you do on the left hand site there is even a very cute playground for children with a ship that they will love.  We took Sofia there to run around and she was so was daddy.  Also a run fact, this bridge was in season 5 of Game Of Thrones!!! How cool is that!!

Palacio De Viana– This was one of two palaces that we absolutely loved and was less crowded since most hotels didn’t bring it to our attend as much and man were we happy we did. It had 12 gorgeous courtyards filled with gardens and bougainvillea everywhere,¬†flowers, arts and antiques.

Patios de Cordoba This as seriously the most gorgeous place in the city for my personally because I love anything with flowers. ¬†I can take pictures all day and could live her if I could. ūüėČ

Mosque de Cordoba– This Moorish place of worship is gorgeous and large with tons of arches pillars that make it in awe.

Cordoba Horse ShowРSince the city is small you might see all the places fairly quickly, so if you have a chance take an hour to watch the horse show.  It is gorgeous and Sofia loved it!!

Thanks for reading and hope this travel guide was helpful.

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